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I also offer Private Coaching!

I specialize in monologue/scene work; self tapes; audition prep; and singing for the actor/acting the song.

Email me about pricing inquiries!

Acting the Song Masterclass available upon request


As a private coach, I want to help actors and artists bring out their spark; what makes them unique. I love helping people discover parts of themselves they didn’t think they had in them. To achieve this, I create a very safe and supportive environment where we can be weird and silly together! Fostering a judgement free zone is incredibly important to me so you’re able to trust yourself to release YOU into the space.


One of my professors would say: “We start with your ‘already’”. This wisdom is something I bring into my own teaching.

Where are you that day, what are you feeling? Let’s learn from each other and incorporate that into your work. Bring yourself to each character and challenge.


No matter where you’re starting, if you’re a new actor or already working, I work my hardest to build your skill, so I expect your preparation and dedication to your craft as well. 


I’m looking forward to working with you to trust and love your ‘already’!

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